Almost there: Mastering React Test-Driven Development, Second Edition

The second edition of Mastering React Test-Driven Development is due for publication soon. This edition has a decent amount of new and updated content.

You can pre-order the book via: the Packt website, Amazon US, and Amazon UK.

Cover of Mastering React Test-Driven Development, Second Edition

There was a lot of material that didn’t make the cut, and I’ll post all of that on over the next couple of weeks.

What’s changed in this edition?

You might notice that there’s no mention of server-side components, which is one of React 18’s headline features. That was intentional. This book continues to focus on helping you improve your automated testing practice. And if you’ve got the fundamentals in place, testing server-side React should be no problem for you.

If you’ve got questions about the new edition, please get in touch via my website.

— Written by Daniel Irvine on August 19, 2022.